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Uncensored Mouse
Uncensored Mouse #2 (1989) Win Smith and Ub Iwerks Art, Walt Disney Stories Stories reprinted from Mickey Mouse comic strips of the 1930s. "The Real Mickey" article by Jim Korkis, inks by Win Smith; Article on the modern re-evaluation of Mickey Mouse. "Lost on a Desert Island, Part 2," script by Walt Disney, pencils by Win Smith and Ub Iwerks, inks by Win Smith; Mickey's quest for food leads him home to Minnie. "Death Valley, Part 1," script by Walt Disney and Floyd Gottfredson, pencils by Win Smith, Floyd Gottfredson, and Jack King, inks by Win Smith, Floyd Gottfredson, and Hardie Gramatky; Minnie comes into an inheritance, but her lawyer plots with Pegleg Pete to get it from her. 36 pgs., B&W.
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