Spider-Man Red Sonja (2007) Marvel Comics

Spider-Man Red Sonja
Spider-Man Red Sonja #1 (2007) Michael Turner Cover. Michael Avon Oeming Story. Mel Rubi Pencils and Inks. Everything seems ordinary in New York City as Spider-Man swings around town and fights a group of bad guys ... all while talking on his cell phone to MJ! At the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Senator Thomas is attending a major art exhibit while struggling with his conscience over some shady dealings with his confidant, Reilly. J Jonah Jameson welcomes the Senator to the exhibit with kind words, hoping to score an interview. Thomas agrees to it, but his eyes are drawn to a unique necklace on display. Though the curator, Professor Jones, protests, Thomas puts on the necklace. This in turn releases the imprisoned spirit of the sorcerer Kulan Gath. Using his vast powers, he reshapes New York City into his own medieval/Hyborian version of itself. Spider-Man seems to be the only one unaffected by the spell.
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