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Shipping & Handling Info -- RCB Ships Within The USA Only.

Your comics are shipped in a bag, back board, with a tracking number, and in heaving duty shipping box! Click on the images below to get a better look at what we ship your comics in. Rare Comics strong sturdy boxes help prevent damage to your comic books. Scroll down for info on shipping prices and handling.
Please remember to enter a phone number we can reach you at when you get to the Pay Pal shopping cart check out.

Standard Shipping (domestic)

Standard Shipping (domestic). Base on Quantity.

Tracked From To Rate (USD)
Yes 0 comic 1 comics $7.99
Yes 2 comics 3 comics $11.99
Yes 4 comics 15 comics $17.99
Yes 16 comics 20 comics $22.99
Yes 21 comics and up $32.99
Most orders are shipped within 2 working days. In rare exceptions, it may be longer.