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Return Policy

Rare Comic Books offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Our policy allows to credit back a customer's investment within 30 days of purchase. This means that if a customer is not satisfied with a product or service, they can get their money back within 30 days. All sales are final after the 30-day period.

Opened packages will not be be refunded. 

This is to protect us from people reading the comic book and then wishing to return it.  All sales are final when package is opened.

If your order was lost or damaged in transit

We are not responsible for damaged or lost packages. Please contact your post office or mailing facility about the lost or damaged item.

Please note: International Shipments lost or damaged will not be replaced without the purchase of insurance.
If you would prefer your package insured please let us know and an extra fee will be attached to your order.
Click here to purchase insurance. Indicate in the body of the email that you would like to purchase insurance.

If we have sent you the wrong book or failed to send a book - Package must not ne opened.

Please let us know within 5 business days of receipt. We will credit your account, refund you, or ship the proper item, as we deem appropriate. If we need you to return the book, we will reimburse you for basic ground shipping.


If you have purchased a book in error

Please let us know within three business days of receipt. Once you've returned the book in error, we will refund you for the line-item value of the book (without shipping), less a 30% restocking fee. We will not reimburse you for your shipping.