Darkhold Omega (2022) Marvel Comics

Darkhold Omega
Darkhold Omega #1 (2022) Chris Bachalo Cover & Cian Tormey Pencils, Steve Orlando Story, Omega the Unknown (James-Michael Starling) (First appearance as Omega the Unknown) THE FATE OF ALL EXISTENCE LIES IN THE HANDS OF FIVE TWISTED MINDS! Five of the world's greatest heroes - Spider-Man, Black Bolt, Blade, Wasp, and Iron Man - took a chance and read from the cursed Darkhold. They were meant to gain the power to fight back the dread elder god Chthon - but instead, they've lost their minds and all they once held dear. Was it worth the cost? And who is their bold new ally - a product of Chthon's dark dimension, or something else entirely?
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