Dark Crisis (2022) Comics

Dark Crisis
Dark Crisis Special Edition FCBD #0 (2022) Daniel Sampere Cover, Rafa Sandoval & Various Artists, Joshua Williamson & Various Writers, Prequel to the Dark Crisis event WHO ARE THE JUSTICE LEAGUE? / THE HISTORY OF THE DC MULTIVERSE Witness the rise and fall of the Justice League! The event years in the making is here with Dark Crisis. The Justice League is comics’ greatest super-team—made up of DC Comics’ legendary Super Heroes, they have saved the world countless times. No crisis was too much for them to handle…until now! The Justice League has been defeated by the Great Darkness and its army of DC’s most dangerous villains—now a new generation of heroes must rise to protect not only the Multiverse…but also the legacy of the DC Universe! A prelude to DC’s biggest story of 2022!
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